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Choosing an MDA Dentist

Traumatized by the thought of finding a new dentist? You don’t need to be.

Just select a Michigan Dental Association dentist and rest assured that your smile has landed in a safe place. With more than 5,500 member dentists across the state – just over three out of four practicing dentists in the state – there’s sure to be a participating dentist near you.

Your MDA Dentist

Your Michigan Dental Association dentist has made a special commitment to uphold the ethical code, practice standards and mission of the MDA:

  • to encourage the improvement of the public's oral health;
  • to enhance MDA members' ability to provide ethical care through education, training and service; and
  • to promote the science and art of dentistry.

Ordinary dentists have no such commitment, and may not uphold the same rigorous safety and health standards as your local MDA dentist.

The MDA Difference

  • Members are required by membership and by law to observe universal safety precautions, the dental patient's greatest assurance of safety during dental procedures.
  • The association keeps members up to date on the latest scientific developments and recommendations from the American Dental Association, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration.
  • While Michigan dentists are required to attend 20 hours of certified continuing education each year for re-licensure, the Michigan Dental Association makes available more than 300 hours of educational programming annually at seminars throughout Michigan, and encourages its members to attend more than the state-required hours.

When you see an MDA dentist, you know you’re seeing someone who has a plethora of educational and professional resources available to help him provide you with outstanding dental care. These include scientific and informational publications, a dental health education film library, local and statewide patient and community education projects, and, through the American Dental Association, the world’s largest dental library.

By seeing a MDA dentist, you’re even protecting yourself in the unfortunate event that you have a problem with your treatment. Since MDA members must agree to be judged by a jury of their peers if a problem arises about dental treatment or a disagreement with an insurance company, you always have the right to request a formal review of your case through this peer review process. If your dentist is not an MDA member, you are left with no recourse when you have a problem.

How Can I Find Out if My Dentist is a Member…Or Find One Who Is?

Check out the MDA’s online searchable member directly in the Find a Dentist section of this site,

Or, if you already have a family dentist, be sure to ask her if she is a member the next time you visit the office. And look for the MDA membership sticker in your dentist's office.

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