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How Dental Plans Work

You've seen their portraits everywhere - in your history books, your wallet, even on a mountain! But you've never seen their smiles. Maybe that's because they didn't have a good history with their dentist. You do. Your dentist understands your personal dental needs. And how to ensure that you keep your teeth for a lifetime of good health and appearance.

So, when you're looking at a new dental plan, make sure you can still see your own dentist. You see, a lot of plans don't care about your doctor/patient relationship, and might limit you to one of the dentists in their network. So, choose a plan that lets you stick with your own dentist.

Make sure your plan will let you see your dentist. After all, when you wake up with a horrible toothache or your son's fallen and chipped his front tooth, you'll want your insurance to pay for the care, no questions asked. And don't let them dictate what treatment's best for your smile. Only you and your dentist know what you need to keep your smile looking its best.

Keep all these things in mind and your smile will shine brightly through countless centuries. And remember to talk to your dentist if you have any questions about dental plan options.

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